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Back on the Coast

Back on the Coast

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The World I live in

Sometimes, you forget to look around and see the beautiful world we live in. So, this article is going to be a little travelogue of my 'neck of the woods', the Gulf Islands of BC, Canada. These islands lie in protected waters behind Vancouver Island, from the open Pacific ocean.

The climate here is one of the mildest in Canada. If it snows, it usually melts by morning. A heat wave in the summer, may last a whole week, with highs only around 90 degrees F. No extremes, for our weather is moderated by the ocean's water. They refer to this area as a temperate rain forest, so not only are we surrounded by the ocean, we get tons of rain during the cooler half of the year. The islands are very green, lush and thickly forested, except where inhabited. Although more people have moved here, the islands are still rural in nature. Folks here try to preserve the natural beauty of the region, and most are environmentally conscious.

I've always joked that the area has it's own time zone, slo-mo. People work hard here, but, they take their time when out and about. In the main village of my home island, people always say hello, stop and talk. There is a good sense of community. For most of the year, there is a weekly market for local produced food stuffs and crafts. There are live shows with local and imported talent, in various halls and pubs. Lots of artisans live on the island, and they are several galleries and art exhibitions. The summer here is very busy, with tourists and locals mingling at various events, markets, and so on.

The islands boast many beautiful vistas to enjoy. Small farms still exist here, and the land is kinda 'hill and dale'. You usually are going up or down, even if you travel a short distance. There are hiking trails, hidden little beaches and lakes; lots of natural beauty to enjoy. The ocean is at our doorstep, with yachts, kayaks and fishing boats plying the local waters.

The main reason I live on Coastal BC, is the 'lay of the land'. I've got ocean and mountains, cities and wilderness, forests and concrete jungles; all within a short distance from each other. It is my favourite region in Canada to live, and as long as I live in Canada, this is where I'll be. Even though I'm still a Nomad, this is the region I will eventually settle. 'Cuz in my heart and soul, I'm an Islander.

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