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Back on the Coast

Back on the Coast

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Now that's what I'm talking about!

Check this out! It's a short clip, about Santa Barbara, CA, having a Safe Parking Program for the RV homeless. Click on this :,0,2016826.flash?coll=la-home-center

This is great! I recently read that Eugene, OR, has a similar program, as well. Now, if only other cities, can open their eyes and hearts, to explore creative and imaginative solutions to the housing crisis.

My style of urban vandwelling, would fit right in with this program, 'cus I just need a parking spot for the night. If the cost was reasonable, I would even pay! For the most part, I am self-contained in my van, utilizing public and private facilities properly, for all my 'out of van' needs.

If only...


Anonymous said...

I was reading somewhere that another VanDweller put an inquiry out on CraigsList and found him an empty home he could park in and "watch" the property for the owner. Might check around for something like that or "house sitting". Maybe even some property with for sale signs might be interested in hiring you for your services to keep vandals at bay...... In a new construction area you might try contacting the general contractor, etc......
Best wishes!!

Pixie Morningdust said...

HEY! I'm in Eugene Oregon now. I searched "vandwelling Eugene" and guess who's post was the first thing to come up? If you can think of where you read the article about safe parking for the van "homeless" (shudder at the characterization) - I'd love to read it. Parking here is pretty stupid-easy, but for obvious reasons I find the topic especially interesting. Thanks for your blog. All the best! Chris

urban vandweller said...

Hi, Chris - Glad you made it! I can't remember specifically the URL of the article I read about vandwelling in Eugene. It was a city program to provide an alternative housing solution, so that vandwelling wasn't illegal, but done in an organized mode - vandwellers had a specific place they could park with permission. Not as good as the system in Santa Barbara, CA; but, similar. Hope all is well and if I come across that article, I'll let you know.

Cheers, Urban Vandweller

Pixie Morningdust said...

I think I may have found the article:

I think it's easier to just find a spot and move around. I'd rather not "apply" for a spot. I ended up leaving Eugene anyway. I might stick around Oregon for a little bit, but hell if I feel like I know what I'm doing at this stage. Pshhh. Thanks for a well articulated blog.

urban vandweller said...

Hi, Chris - I know what you mean. But, if you stayed in a specific area or municipality for a year or so, it would be nice not to play hide and seek with the authorities. Thanks for the encouragement. Sorry to hear Oregon isn't quite what you want/need; there is always the open road, and you can always come back. Anywhere ... anytime.

Happy trails, Urban Vandweller