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Back on the Coast

Back on the Coast

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year - 2,008!

I just want to wish you and yours, a Happy New Year! I'm going to be at a house party in Sooke, BC - jammin' on the ol' guitbox. Cheers ;-)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Where it all began

My vandwelling life was bound to happen. In July, 1986, when I was living in Jasper, Alberta, I bought my VW van, Waldo the Magic Bus. Calling the VW 'Waldo' was from my original traveling vehicle, Waldo the Volvo. I turned Waldo into a Weekender, using a Westfalia interior, but no pop top. Perfect for the traveling lone wolf.

This was during a period in my life, when I would spend the summer tourist season working in Jasper or Banff, take two months off, then work the ski season in Banff or Lake Louise. After which I would take another two months off, and repeat the yearly cycle again.

During the 2x2 months off period, I would travel about BC and Alberta, visiting friends and family, going anywhere I felt like. I always had accommodation with me, cash in pocket, and work lined up soon. I travelled through some of the Western States, and tripped back to my native town, Toronto, Ontario. Good times, good times.

Waldo afforded me wonderful freedom, to wonder where ever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Usually during the working seasons, I had accommodation at the hotels, but, Waldo would give me a convenient outlet, when needed. I could take off for the Coast, cruise to the city, go backcountry skiing in distant ranges, and on and on. Waldo was the best!

Eventually, I moved down to the Coast, centered in Vancouver. My commonlaw, Teresa, wanted to stay in the city, and Waldo became a luxury. To this day, I regret letting a woman come between Waldo and me.

From the beginning

Today, I begin to write this blog. I haven't done any writing or composition, since high school, so please be patient with me.

The theme behind this blog is to share information, thoughts and concerns, about vandwelling in the urban landscape. You may be employed or not, and you may be in the city or burbs or out in the countryside. Regardless, I hope you will find help here to assist you on your way.

For myself, vandwelling has been a lifestyle I have enjoyed for many years, on and off. I had an VW van (aka Waldo, the Magic Bus), but now I utilize an Ford Aerostar (aka 'Aero'). My reasons for vandwelling are varied, from financial, to convenience, to freedom, to travel or move, to experience the country at large. Because I spend the majority of time in urban areas, I stealth vandwell. I also work full-time, and save substantial money because I don't pay rent or mortgage payments.

Another two themes for my lifestyle are voluntary simplicity and my carbon footprint. I believe that vandwelling begins to allow me to personally address these two themes. I look forward to sharing my thoughts, methods and experiences with everyone, and learning from yours.