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Back on the Coast

Back on the Coast

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Where it all began

My vandwelling life was bound to happen. In July, 1986, when I was living in Jasper, Alberta, I bought my VW van, Waldo the Magic Bus. Calling the VW 'Waldo' was from my original traveling vehicle, Waldo the Volvo. I turned Waldo into a Weekender, using a Westfalia interior, but no pop top. Perfect for the traveling lone wolf.

This was during a period in my life, when I would spend the summer tourist season working in Jasper or Banff, take two months off, then work the ski season in Banff or Lake Louise. After which I would take another two months off, and repeat the yearly cycle again.

During the 2x2 months off period, I would travel about BC and Alberta, visiting friends and family, going anywhere I felt like. I always had accommodation with me, cash in pocket, and work lined up soon. I travelled through some of the Western States, and tripped back to my native town, Toronto, Ontario. Good times, good times.

Waldo afforded me wonderful freedom, to wonder where ever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Usually during the working seasons, I had accommodation at the hotels, but, Waldo would give me a convenient outlet, when needed. I could take off for the Coast, cruise to the city, go backcountry skiing in distant ranges, and on and on. Waldo was the best!

Eventually, I moved down to the Coast, centered in Vancouver. My commonlaw, Teresa, wanted to stay in the city, and Waldo became a luxury. To this day, I regret letting a woman come between Waldo and me.

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