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Back on the Coast

Back on the Coast

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Here we go! A New Year

I'm happy the Holidays are over! No more hustle or bustle, just the steady cruise of everyday life. It's finally time to get this blog together.

The title of this blog states, 'The Urban Vandweller'. But, I haven't said much about that yet, so here goes. I live on coastal BC, Canada, in and out of the cities. I know I haven't given out my name or any photographs of me, but, I have a reason. You see, we have a large homeless population, and the local city governments are trying to create unconstitutional laws to prohibit them sleeping outside in parks or public spaces. I feel it is only a matter of time, that they turn their attention to the folks that sleep in their vehicles. I don't want to be categorized, marginalized, specified, mandated, legislated, licensed or singled out for any type of bureaucratic attention. I just want to do my thing! Live and let live.

Hence, my main reason for stealth. Secondly, the security aspect of stealth has become important, due to theft and random violence. I've never been paranoid before, but the clowns are becoming prevalent and emboldened. Drugs and desperation are never a good combination, resulting in a very negative effect in a lot of North American cities. So, let's share experiences to help everyone.

Many of the online community speak of the 'stigma' attached to vandwelling (to the unenlightened, read 'homeless'), like we are incapable of affording an apartment, or not able to hard work or support ourselves or whatever. What a load of crap! We are just different, and we live the way we choose. Modern reality has provided us an option; an unique lifestyle to enjoy. I am fortunate that in BC, there are many open-minded people, that accept vandwelling, as an interesting and nomadic lifestyle.

There are excellent reasons for urban vandwelling. First, financial. If you work somewhat, you can afford an apartment, or an vehicle. If you work hard or you make good money, you can afford both. But, do you always want to just make enough to pay your bills. Wouldn't it be great to afford travelling or save money for whatever.

Second, lifestyle flexibility. Even though I spend most of my time in the city, I take off every weekend to rural areas; to visit friends and family, for recreation and exploration, for peace of mind, and so on. With home being your van, you never have to pack - just point and turn the key! LUV IT!

Third, an experiment. Huh? Global warming, voluntary simplicity, rampant consumerism, and the lack of worldwide conservation, are major concerns for me. What could I do to change my life to begin to address some of these issues? Hmmm. I'll live in an mobile space with a 50 square foot floor, minimize my belongings, which for the most part are recycled, and use a significantly smaller amount of energy, less than the average North American consumer.
Just some random thoughts to be explored on this blog. Later....

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