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Back on the Coast

Back on the Coast

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Seven Things - You don't need or want to Know about Me.

I just got back into town from some revelry up in Whistler over the holiday, and found I've been tagged by Tara, the Hobo Stripper (see cool links). Apparently, I'm mysterious, but, after these secrets are revealed, so much for being so. Actually, I think I'm pretty normal (Ha, ha, says the laughing boy), for a vandwelling, nomadic type that is. So, here goes.

1/ I'm single, but not for lack of trying. I've been engaged three times, and disengaged three times. I've been common law three times, and uncommon lawed three times. All these relationships were healthy and ended well, they just didn't stand the test of time. Maybe I am supposed to be single, I don't know, it's just life. But, I'm a father and grandfather from none of those six women.

2/ I seem to have a cosmic connection with exotic dancers; not by intention, just by circumstance. The mother of my daughter was a dancer, but we didn't really date, except enough to procreate (long story). From this connection, I am related to my two best friends from high school (over 35 years); we call ourselves, the 'evil cousins'. As well, my third fiance was a dancer before I knew her.

3/ Unlike many vandwellers on the forum (Vandwellers'), I'm comfortable no matter where I live. What I mean is, many of them feel uncomfortable in conventional housing, ie. house, apartment. I just live where I live, go with the flow, so it doesn't really matter to me. I'm more concerned with the lay of the land, the environment. For now, vandwelling suits my purposes, but things always evolve. I just don't want to pay rent, as much as possible, anymore. Bad investment in my eyes, paying off someone else's mortgage.

4/ To me, work is work. It's just a means to an end. I don't think work defines a person, their character does. I don't care what I do, as long as I don't hurt anyone. I do try to work smart, decent money for reasonable amount of effort, but if I didn't have to work, I wouldn't miss it. I could keep myself very busy without having to work for a living, just work for my own life.

5/ I love music. Almost all types; I'll check out anything to appreciate what a friend wants me to hear. But, I like classic rock, blues, jazz, old school R&B and soul (60's, 70's Motown), the most. I also play guitar and jam with friends.

6/When it comes to work, I'm very responsible. When it comes to my personal life, I tend to procrastinate and be somewhat lazy. I should get my act together and reverse this stupid trend (tomorrow!).

7/ According to the Zodiac, I was born under the sign of Taurus. According to the Chinese calender, I was born in the year of the Dog, specifically I'm an Earth Dog. I fit the characteristics of these descriptors, more or less, but I like having lots more fun than is usual for these signs.

Now, I've got to tag others - I just have to figure out whom. Later ;-)


twokniveskatie said...

love it, love it! you are much less mysterious now....another musician, too. very cool. i am wandering around today looking for a good deal on a gig bag for my guitar, since i now intend to take it on the road....tara plays a mean dulcimer :-) we need to have a vandweller jam.....

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