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Back on the Coast

Back on the Coast

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Current Events - March '08

Well, here we are, just passing the ides of March. Winter is waning and spring is coming on strong here in Coastal BC. We have started to get warmer days and in some places the cherry trees are blossoming. I love the first day, when you can really feel the warmth of spring, and it's just around the corner. Time to get off my ass from just working and hibernating from the winter. Time to get back to fanciful thoughts of vanism.

I've been living in the Gulf Islands over the winter, bartending, renovating homes and taking care of my parents. They are very elderly and require lots of help. So, I can't fully leave here. So, for the foreseeable future, I believe that I will spending the weekdays wherever I'm working, and then weekends back home. Fortunately, vandwelling will work perfectly for this constant back and forth routine.

I'm finally going to get around to doing a proper build-out to my van. Well, proper to me that is. I plan to post a series of blogs about this, with photos and various advice/commentary. I wish I was doing a couple of different vans at the same time because there are so many ways you could do it. Everyone has their own needs, wants and necessities, depending on how and where they live. That's the cool thing of vandwelling, there are so many options and ways you can do it. The variety of different ways, people do the same basic lifestyle, never ceases to amuse me. On that note, the way I will be doing my van will suit me, so there you go.

I've always believed in a minimalist approach, so the build-out will reflect that. I am still considering details, the type of insulating, the cabinetry to provide seating and bed in the same area, whether to have a house battery system, etc. I've always just done what I had to, so this van reno will reflect the same premise. Some folks like to go all out, but unless you really need it, I think there is no need. Of course, depending on where you live, you will require more insulation and maybe heating, but that is something you will need to address. I am fortunate, that is not the case for me, so my build-out will not be the end-all-or-could-be.

I hope that the upcoming spring will find all well for you and yours.

Cheers, Urban Vandweller

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Anonymous said...

Keep us updated with the pics!