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Back on the Coast

Back on the Coast

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Current Events - April '08

Well, the weather on the Wet Coast (that's right, wet, not west) of BC, Canada is slowly getting milder. It sure is taking it's sweet time, though. I thought I'd share some things going on in my life.

1/ My folks require a lot of care and attention these days. As a result, I won't be able to travel too far or for too long from home base in the Gulf Islands. They are 87 and 86 years old, and I want them to enjoy their house on the island for as long as possible, so, they need a lot of help. Which means no major road trips for the next year or two, just provincial trips, maybe a week or so in length. It also means that my life will be living at my folks place a lot of the time; getting back to living full-time in the city or a resort is 'on hold'. So, my vandwelling will be part time in nature, as I shift into a different lifestyle balance for the meantime.

2/ My Aerostar is too small for my renovation ideas!!! After careful measuring, and modifying the design, I just can't get the balance of seating, sleeping and storage in the back to work out. I can easily get two out of three, but not all three needs to fit. The problem. Headroom or height. Also, I like a largish bed for when I'm not alone. ;-) Sure, I guess I could get a high top installed (maybe?), but the additional cost (if possible) is prohibitive. If I was going to spend that much extra money, I would just get another van. Maybe an Astro would do, but probably a full-size van would be appropriate. This is the problem though. I don't want to lose the good gas mileage I get with the Aerostar; gas prices should jump up drastically this summer. So, it looks like 'Aero' will remain a mobile pup tent, with only sleeping and storage in the back. I'm being tempted by van infidelity, but 'Aero' has tons of life left in him, and I don't want to sell. Decisions, decisions.

3/ Road trips. I just got back from six days in Whistler, partying it up with friends (reason for no recent articles). I'm looking forward to the weather breaking soon with warm days. Camping trips, exploration, music festivals, visiting friends and so on, are all on the calender this year. I can hardly wait. The major highlights for exploration are places I haven't been on Vancouver Island and inland to the West Kootenay and Lower Chilcotin regions. Eventually, all nomads settle down and I'm looking at all these areas as possible home base regions. So far, I seem to be really attracted to the Arrow Lakes area.

4/ I keep taking on new work projects, so my van renovations (for what they will be now), keep getting put on the back burner. I've just got too much on my plate. I apologize to those who have been waiting for photos and articles, I can't help it. The project will proceed as soon as possible, so I can share with you.

So, there you have it folks, some news in the life of Urban Vandweller. I wish good fortune to you and yours.

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